This is one of the most common questions I get. 

And no wonder, sewing is a beautiful skill to know! 

Who doesn’t want to sew absolutely stunning dresses, custom-fitted clothes, and anything your heart desires?

I know I do! 

So, it’s not a surprise to me that lots of people want to know the answer to it. 

And well, it’s my job to answer your sewing questions. 


And the answer, my absolute best advice I can give, is:

just start.

Yup - it’s that simple. 



  • Don’t have a sewing machine? Choose a simple project that only requires hand-stitching. 


  • Never made anything anyway, but love that dress? Try making it!

While there are sewing techniques and fundamentals that you must know to create a high-quality piece, SEWING is how you’ll learn them. 

I learned to sew by sewing. 

And that learning process is so priceless. It’s the most valuable thing that you can gift yourself.

So - get your self a simple pattern (here are the ones I suggest for beginners: ) and start sewing. You'll make mistakes, yes, but that's one of the best ways to learn how to do things - especially in sewing. 

Watch a tutorial on YouTube and follow right along with them. (Here's a link to my YouTube channel with lot's of tutorials and helpful videos!

Don't hesitate because of your lack of experience or confidence - I'm rooting for you! 


I hope this advice inspires you to just start sewing if you want to learn to. 

Happy Sewing!

Xx Tiana 


P.S. If you want to see the sewing patterns I recommend for beginners, check out this Instagram post:


  • James Walter

    Learning to sew can indeed be an exciting journey! Starting is the key – whether it’s by hand-stitching simple projects or diving into more complex patterns. Making mistakes is part of the process and an excellent way to learn. Online tutorials and YouTube channels can be incredibly helpful resources. Remember, every stitch is progress, and your passion for sewing will guide you through the learning curve. Enjoy the adventure of creating beautiful pieces and embracing the learning experience. Visit:

  • Taylor Abrams

    It became apparent that I needed sewing lessons when I did not know what to do when I missed a button on one of my shirts and just decided to discard it. I am definitely on the hunt for one because it’d be a good skill to have. So, thanks for saying that sewing is the way you’ll acquire the principles and methods you need to know to make a high-quality garment.

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