Spring Summer 2022 Trend Report

Spring Summer 2022 Trend Report

Wondering what to make for Spring and Summer 2022?

I've gathered some of the most prevalent fashion trends from this season's runways and designers so that we can get plenty of ideas for our own creations! 

Even though these trends may be a little too much for everyday life, it's always a good idea to keep in touch with the fashion world to know what sorts of things are currently in style and create some pretty things we like for ourselves :)

Let's take a look 👉🏻

  1. Colors Inspired by the Runway
  2. Silhouettes in Style
  3. Fabrics for Warm Weather

SS22 Fashion trends - colors

Saturated, deep colors full of energy were present in a wide variety of styles and collections by many designers this year, contrasted of course, with the solid colors of an off-white, a deep blacks, and warm grays. Sleek, simple and sophisticated color choices.


Spring Summer 2022 Fashion Trends to Know - what is in style now?

Feminine silhouettes with soft, light, wispy fabrics and shapes that drape around the body contrasted with blocky, sharp, strong pieces. Perfectly encapsulated by this statement from Nicky Zimmerman about their collection, “This season we explored the ideas of strength and fragility.”  Delicate, fluid, crystal-studded fabrics played well this season with garments that had lots of clear lines, big silhouettes that took up space, and colors that ground the entire look into one. An effortless, elegant balance between the feminine and masculine, the lightness and playfulness of spring with the boldness and weight of summer.


Fashion Trends for Spring and Summer 2022 Season

As mentioned above, fabrics for the spring and summer season focus on bringing out a sort of ‘soft power’. With delicate yet full designs made of soft, sheer fabric we can create an ethereal aura with delicate elegance. Or, to create strong, sophisticated and sharp cuts and lines, heavier-weight fabrics will give us that edge of minimal but poignant substance. 


And here's a collection of specific trends that were seen on the runway, of which you can easily pick choose which work best with your personal style, body shape, and complexion.

  1. Pleated skirts
  2. Sheer dresses
  3. Ultra feminine
  4. Flooded in bright warm colors
  5. Draping
  6. Simple elegance
  7. Maxi skirts
  8. Voluminous
  9. Knit co-ords 
  10.  White maxi dresses

Spring Summer 2022 Fashion Trends - Pleated Skirts

I'm so excited to make a pleated skirt for myself this season!

Spring Summer 2022 Fashion Trends - Sheer Dresses

Spring Summer 2022 Fashion Trends - Ultra Feminine

Add to that our Ophelia dress pattern, and the Noelle dress... ;) 

Spring Summer 2022 Fashion Trends - Flooded in Brights

Spring Summer 2022 Fashion Trends - Draping

I I love love love this look. I'm going to re-use the Rue dress pattern to make more flowy, drape-full designs! 

Spring Summer 2022 Fashion Trends - Simple Elegance

Keep your eyes out for a pleated pants pattern coming soon!

Spring Summer 2022 Fashion Trends - Maxi Skirts

A maxi skirt is such a must in the warmer weather! So elegant and classy yet so easy :) I love using the Mila dress pattern and the Elowen dress pattern for this look. 

Spring Summer 2022 Fashion Trends - Voluminous

One of my favorite ways to add drama to a piece! Think big!

Spring Summer 2022 Fashion Trends - Knit Co-Ords

I am absolutely loving the knit set idea so much, that I've made my own little set using the Diana cardigan sewing pattern and the Rose mini skirt pattern!  

Spring Summer 2022 Fashion Trends - White Dresses

And who doesn't love a good white dress for a classy, clean, elegant, sophisticated - unbeatable look?! I wear my own Elowen dress out when I get the chance, and because I used a cotton eyelet it makes it look a little extra fancy :) 



These were some of my top picks for this season's fashion trends! I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I liked researching and putting it together for you :) 

Let me know in the comments, do you have a favorite show this season? Which pieces would you like to re-create for yourself? 


xx Tiana 

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