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To print your pattern correctly on your computer without a program like Adobe Acrobat Reader, make sure that your settings are set to "Scale: 100%" and that you aren't printing double-sided. Print the first page first, and check that the control square is exactly 3"x3". Then print out the rest of the pattern.

You will see a faint border around the pattern guiding you where to cut off the margins. There are also circles in the corners helping you match the pages together. The letters indicate the rows, and the numbers indicate the columns.

We have a detailed video on this here.

Yes! Most of our patterns come in two formats: A4/Letter for home printing in the US and internationally and A0 for copyshops.

In each of our pattern e-books there is a page dedicated to "Checking the Pattern." This page will guide you in taking the right measurements, and checking with the pattern to make it will fit you perfectly. Here at this step you can make any needed changes to your pattern for a better fit.